SYSTEMA project (2020-1-IT02-KA204-080082)

is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to bring the Systems Thinking approach to two very complex and highly topical issues such as Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation. The idea is to teach policymakers, professionals dealing with these issues, and younger generations how to abandon a "linear thinking" perspective and adopt systemic thinking when they must face a problem or make decisions.As the central objective of the Systema project, the training courses on the topics of Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation based on the Systemic thinking approach were created and delivered to teachers, trainers, professionals, and policymakers to help the younger generation in fostering a move away from a linear thinking approach in decision making.These training courses were designed based on a series of surveys from CEOs, CFOs, CTO/CIOs, managers, consultants, educators, and teachers to map the progress society is making towards digital transformation and the transition to sustainable development as well as the most needed knowledge and skills to facilitate and accelerate these processes.Evaluation of the learning activities and the skills that were acquired by the participants is an integral part of the educational approach offered by the SYSTEMA project in the post-Course delivery.Therefore, the evaluation of course results is performed with the help of trainee's feedback in the form of interviews and formalized questionnaires to explore whether and how they:• can detect archetypes in systems, understand the notion of feedback loops, etc.• understand how to achieve sustainable development.• understand the impacts of digital transformation.• experiment with mock-up situations where one takes the role of the decision-maker.• understand the systemic nature of certain situations.That said, your participation in this evaluation is crucial. The information you provide is used to evaluate and analyse the result of SYSTEMA training courses and for quality improvements and future education needs.Your feedbacks matter!Your participation in this evaluation is voluntary. You can choose not to participate or withdraw from the study at any given time. The information you provide is treated in line with the GDPR of the European Union and will remain anonymous as no identifying information is collected.Thanks for your time and participation in the evaluationFor any questions, please contact us at: 

SYSTEMA Consortium appreciates your contribution to taking part in this evaluation.

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System Thinking as a core competence in Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development (