KOMPASS Zentrum für Existenzgründungen


Kompass – Center for Entrepreneurship, established in 2000, is a public entity in the city of Frankfurt. Ever since its inception, Kompass has distinguished itself and gained wide recognition for stepping up to the changing social and economic market conditions. This is evident in Kompass’ wide reach, from offering training and education for the unemployed, providing startup consultation to Frankfurt’s large migrant community, promoting entrepreneurship among seniors, to consulting economic development institutions on training interventions for entrepreneurship across the EU.

Kompass is a staunch advocate of transparent local and regional links among all the key players and enablers of entrepreneurship and is an active and pivotal member of the Rhine-Main Network. The network consists of more than two dozen local and regional institutions engaged in economic development at all levels of impact including political policy formulation, industry clusters, banks, universities, employee and employer associations, and chambers of commerce.

Kompass’ activities comprise three main areas:

  1. Startup Support: Across genders, nationalities, professional backgrounds and ages
  2. SME Support: Small and Medium Enterprises
  3. Consultation and Training: projects to support entrepreneurship development that boosts national and international economic growth. 
Kompass' Guiding Principles:

  1. Foster a holistic approach to entrepreneurship support.
  2. Create an entrepreneurial spirit in regions.
  3. Create new jobs and lower unemployment rate.
  4. Provide equal entrepreneurship opportunities.
  5. Improve the competitiveness of the region—through self employment and new firms.
  6. Enable efficient use of public money for start-up support institutions.

521 Hanauer Landstraße, 60386, Frankfurt, Germany

Members of the team

Ellen Bommersheim

Mrs. Ellen Bommersheim, Managing Director of Kompass has a professional degree in sociology and psychology from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt Germany and more than 20 years of work experience in this field. As a co-founder and managing director of Kompass, Ellen’s key qualifications are concept development and implementation of training and educational measures in non-profit and commercial sectors. During her career, she was involved in analysis and development of coaching and training programs. Assignments also included developing and implementing tailor made measures and tools for business start-ups including a curriculum plan for trainers and blended learning concepts. Her work found international acclaim through numerous projects, for example an assessment mission on the feasibility and design of a trainer guide for entrepreneurship. Within her career, she designed the 4+1 Model approach of entrepreneurship, support it accessible for different target groups such as women, migrants, refugees and young and elderly, and developed a training concept for the further education market.

Mustafa Tahir

Mr. Mustafa Tahir, Project Manage has 15 year’s working experience in None-governmental organizations in Northern cities of Afghanistan. Mustafa Tahir joined Kompass Frankfurt on December 2018 and took the lead of a European funded project YOU-ME (Young Migrants Entrepreneurship) as well as support the project Founders Workshop - Refugees Do Something"Before joining Kompass, Mustafa Tahir worked in Administration, Team leading and Coordination positions with Norwegian Refugee Council and KfW German Development Bank in the last 12 years in the area of Afghanistan Rule of Law support and Afghanistan Economic Developments. He is mainly experienced in Managing International Projects. He has got his B.A in General education as well as attended several national and international training, On-the-Job training as well as Internship in fields of Decentralization Governance, Peace and Conflict, Project Cycle Management, Team spirit and the joy of working to gather.