The University of Macedonia is considered one of the most Sustainable Universities in Greece. For that reason a dedicated office – the Office of Environmental Management (EMAS)- aims to continuously improve the Environmental Management System at the University of Macedonia, which was developed in 2005 and has been continuously certified in accordance with European Union EMAS Regulation 1221/2009. The main objective of the program is to reduce the environmental impact of the University of Macedonia on the urban body of Thessaloniki.

The office coordinates several actions that help students to be more sustainable and learn about all the sources of pollution in the city of Thessaloniki. For example:

-   The office organized a visit with students from the University at the Center for Sorting Recyclable Materials, where the students learned about the cycle of recyclable materials and how they are transformed to useful objects (

-  The office organizes tree-planting activities in collaboration with the Directorate of Reforestation of Central Macedonia (

-      The office has bought and set several collection bins around the premises of the University for separate recyclable materials. Up to now, 19 separate materials are gathered and recycles by the University of Macedonia. They include: paper, plastic bottles, electrical appliances, lamps, coffee capsules etc.